Capturing the magic, Documenting the Beauty 

I have been taking pictures, since I was about years 8 years old.  I started out on a Kodak Brownie film camera. Then I moved to a Kodak Instaflex.  Then I got use my father’s Kodak bantam X. Went I was climbing a mountain in the Trinity alps in Northern California I found a Pentax Spotmatic.  Then I got a Rollei for traveling. Now I have evolved into using modern digital cameras. 

One of my biggest influences has been mother.  My mother was an artist. She also exposed me to many of the great artists and local art scene.I spent a lot of time at art fairs and galleries. So, from a very early age I have been surrounded by art. Being around art has help create my eye. 

Having lived in the San Francisco Bay area all my life I have had the opportunity to see many of the great Jazz, rock, blues and world music acts/artists. I enjoy all sorts of performances and events. I have experienced some very magical moments. I am now obsessed with capturing those moments and sharing those moments with others. I also strive to keep those moments alive for eternity.  The beauty of Bay Area and California has also been a big inspiration to me.  My hope is to inspire others to enjoy life.