james whittlesey: Blog https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog en-us (C) james whittlesey (james whittlesey) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:36:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:36:00 GMT Wonderbread 5 at the Sweetwater in Mill Valley https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/5/wonderbread-5-at-the-sweetwater-in-mill-valley The other night I went out for some entertainment, after dealing with a major family problem.  First I went to the Taste of Rome in Sausalito and had my usual a side of Italian sausage with sauce and bread.  There was a nice group there playing old jazz standards.  Then I decided to check out the Sausalito Cruising Club.  I went there in the driving rain only to find that it was dead. So I then went to to the Noname Bar, but it was closed for a private party. Not to be detered, I went to the 2am club in Mill Valley.  I had a beer. But the crowd was kind of boring.  So I decided to go to the Sweetwater.  Believe or not I have never been to the Sweetwater, even though I am born and raised in Mill Valley. I was able to walk right in  and see the Wonderbread 5.  I have never seen them before.  I was surprised.  I thought they would be boring, but they played well.  They put on a good show and were really into their music. wonderbread 5wonderbread 5 wonderbread 5-9wonderbread 5-9 wonderbread 5-3wonderbread 5-3 wonderbread 5-8wonderbread 5-8 wonderbread 5-4wonderbread 5-4 wonderbread 5-6wonderbread 5-6 wonderbread 5-7wonderbread 5-7 wonderbread 5-2wonderbread 5-2 wonderbread 5-5wonderbread 5-5 wonderbread 5-10wonderbread 5-10





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Stanford Pow Wow 2019 https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/5/stanford-pow-wow-2019 I had a great time at the Stanford Pow Wow. There were a lot of great dancers.  The drumming was fantastic. Pow Wow is alive and well. pow wow 2-5pow wow 2-5 pow wow 2-2pow wow 2-2 pow wow 2-7pow wow 2-7 pow wow 2-10pow wow 2-10 pow wow 2-3pow wow 2-3 pow wow 2-4pow wow 2-4 pow wow 2-6pow wow 2-6 pow wow 2-9pow wow 2-9 pow wow 2-8pow wow 2-8 pow wow 2-11pow wow 2-11 pow wow 2-12pow wow 2-12 pow wow 2-13pow wow 2-13 pow wow 2-14pow wow 2-14 pow wow 2-15pow wow 2-15 pow wow 2-21pow wow 2-21 pow wow 2-16pow wow 2-16 pow wow 2-17pow wow 2-17 pow wow 2-18pow wow 2-18 pow wow 2-19pow wow 2-19 pow wow 2-20pow wow 2-20 pow wow 2-22pow wow 2-22 pow wow 2-23pow wow 2-23 pow wow 2-24pow wow 2-24 pow wow 2-25pow wow 2-25 pow wow 2-26pow wow 2-26 pow wow 2pow wow 2

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Freddie Clarke and Wobbly World at the Seahorse Sausalito https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/5/freddie-clarke-and-wobbly-world-at-the-seahorse-sausalito Wobbly world is a great show.  The band draws influences from all around the world.  But their focus is music from the Mediteranean area.

performance2-5performance2-5 performance2-2performance2-2 performance2-3performance2-3 performance2-17performance2-17 performance2-4performance2-4 performance2-26performance2-26 performance2-7performance2-7 performance2-9performance2-9 performance2-12performance2-12 performance2-19performance2-19 performance2performance2 performance2-24performance2-24 performance2-22performance2-22 performance2-11performance2-11 performance2-16performance2-16 performance2-20performance2-20 performance2-27performance2-27 performance2performance2 performance2-6performance2-6 performance2-25performance2-25 performance2-28performance2-28

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CimaFunk at Complex Oakland https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/5/cimafunk-at-complex-oakland I got the opportunity to shoot a great show.  Cimafunk is a AfroCuban funk band.  They are hard driving energetic band.  Their music is a very unique blend of African Cuban funk music.  They are definitely a must see.

Cimafunk-39Cimafunk-39 CimafunkCimafunk Cimafunk-25Cimafunk-25 Cimafunk-3Cimafunk-3 Cimafunk-4Cimafunk-4 Cimafunk-35Cimafunk-35 Cimafunk-6Cimafunk-6 Cimafunk-9Cimafunk-9 Cimafunk-10Cimafunk-10 Cimafunk-12Cimafunk-12 Cimafunk-5Cimafunk-5 Cimafunk-15Cimafunk-15 Cimafunk-34Cimafunk-34 Cimafunk-29Cimafunk-29 Cimafunk-30Cimafunk-30 Cimafunk-21Cimafunk-21 Cimafunk-33Cimafunk-33 Cimafunk-2Cimafunk-2 Cimafunk-11Cimafunk-11 Cimafunk-34Cimafunk-34 Cimafunk-13Cimafunk-13 Cimafunk-18Cimafunk-18 Cimafunk-16Cimafunk-16 Cimafunk-27Cimafunk-27 Cimafunk-31Cimafunk-31 Cimafunk-32Cimafunk-32 Cimafunk-8Cimafunk-8 Cimafunk-24Cimafunk-24 Cimafunk-23Cimafunk-23    Cimafunk-7Cimafunk-7 Cimafunk-19Cimafunk-19 Cimafunk-15Cimafunk-15







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100th Birthday Celebration of Lawrence Feringhetti at the City Lights Bookstore https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/4/100th-birthday-celebration-of-lawrence-feringhetti-at-the-city-lights-bookstore I went to the 100th Birthday celebration of Lawrence Ferlinghetti at the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco. I have been there only a couple of times before. A lot of people from the Beat era were there a well as many younger people. I tried to capture the feeling and spirit of this iconic location.  It felt great going there, having grown up across the bridge in the shadow of the city. I am sorry I didn't get the poet's names.

City LightsCity Lights City Lights-2City Lights-2 City Lights-3City Lights-3 City Lights-5City Lights-5 City Lights-4City Lights-4 City Lights-6City Lights-6 City Lights-7City Lights-7 City Lights-8City Lights-8 City Lights-9City Lights-9 City Lights-10City Lights-10 s-12s-12 City Lights-12City Lights-12 City Lights-13City Lights-13 City Lights-15City Lights-15 City Lights-16City Lights-16

(james whittlesey) Ferlingehtti Lawrence https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/4/100th-birthday-celebration-of-lawrence-feringhetti-at-the-city-lights-bookstore Mon, 08 Apr 2019 02:06:32 GMT
A Night at the Golden Gate Bridge https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/4/a-night-at-the-golden-gate-bridge performance2performance2 performance2-6performance2-6 performance2-2performance2-2 performance2-7performance2-7 performance2-5performance2-5 performance2-3performance2-3 performance2-4performance2-4

(james whittlesey) Golden gate bridge photography https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/4/a-night-at-the-golden-gate-bridge Thu, 04 Apr 2019 04:48:28 GMT
Adama Bilorou at The Open Secret https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/4/adama-bilorou-at-the-open-secret Adama BilorouAdama Bilorou Adama Bilorou-4Adama Bilorou-4 Adama Bilorou-2Adama Bilorou-2 Adama Bilorou1Adama Bilorou1 Adama Bilorou-5Adama Bilorou-5


(james whittlesey) adama bilorou https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/4/adama-bilorou-at-the-open-secret Thu, 04 Apr 2019 03:49:24 GMT
Tower Bridge in Sacramento, CA https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2019/3/tower-bridge-in-sacramento-ca I went to a seminar in Sacramento.  Right across the street from the hotel is the Tower Bridge. The colors and light were beautiful.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. Here are a few photos from two days there Rivertown

d Tower Bridge-2Tower Bridge-2 Tower Bridge-3Tower Bridge-3 Tower Bridge-4Tower Bridge-4 Tower Bridge-5Tower Bridge-5 Tower Bridge-6Tower Bridge-6 Tower Bridge-13Tower Bridge-13 Tower Bridge-8Tower Bridge-8 Tower Bridge-7Tower Bridge-7

Tower Bridge-10Tower Bridge-10 Tower Bridge-12Tower Bridge-12 Tower Bridge-11Tower Bridge-11

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Angelo Moore and the Brand New Step at the Muir Beach Solstice https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2018/12/angelo-moore-and-the-brand-new-step-at-the-muir-beach-solstice Angelo Moore and the Brand New Step at the Muir Beach Solstice

This was a great show. They are a great blend of R&B, Blues, Rock, Soul and Rap. I really enjoyed the Rap added to the mix. Angelo Moore-2Angelo Moore-2 Angelo Moore-3Angelo Moore-3 Angelo Moore-4Angelo Moore-4 Angelo Moore-5Angelo Moore-5 Angelo Moore-6Angelo Moore-6 Angelo Moore-7Angelo Moore-7 Angelo Moore-8Angelo Moore-8 Angelo MooreAngelo Moore

(james whittlesey) https://jameswhittlesey.com/blog/2018/12/angelo-moore-and-the-brand-new-step-at-the-muir-beach-solstice Sun, 30 Dec 2018 02:39:32 GMT